Wendy Spencer (theinnergeek) wrote in theyellowribbon,
Wendy Spencer

Jack and The Beanstalk

The show was a success! Thank you everyone for your hard work, and great times!

Now, comes the business end of this entry.

We are striking the set, for those of you not "hip to the vocab" that means we are meticulously taking the set apart, so it can be put back together for January.

Here's the point.

You thought we needed help for building the set? We really need help striking the set. For as few people that show up to build it, maybe half show up for striking the set.

So, let's all pull together, peeps. It doesn't matter if you're handy, there's simple things that can be done! I will be there for the bulk of it, I can find something for anyone to do!

This is my kind request, next time I won't be so nice.

See you guys at auditions tomorrow!!!!!

btw, everyone should come up there and cheer Dave, he's going to audition! (Finally, I've only been bugging him for a year)

Lucy The Backstage Princess
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